Screenings are designed to gather information related to a child’s development that will further determine the need for a formal evaluation or OT services. Informal assessments, clinical observation and a parent interview are performed to identify strengths and limitations. Screenings can be conducted in the home or school environment, as most appropriately related to the child’s needs. Observations, findings and recommendations will then be discussed with the parent. An Occupational Therapy screening is most suitable for children who have been referred to OT by their physician, a health care professional or teacher. It is also  appropriate for those who wish to explore the benefits and ways in which OT can help their child.     


Evaluations are performed to specifically identify and assess compromised areas of development in order to establish an appropriate treatment plan. They are individually created to meet the needs of the child. A combination of age-appropriate standardized assessment tools, clinical observation, questionnaires and parent interview are utilized to gain specific insight into a child’s ability to function independently. A comprehensive evaluation report is provided. This assessment report includes testing scores, results, interpretation of findings, goals and recommendations. A phone conference is scheduled to discuss findings, recommendations and answer any questions.


Therapy sessions are conducted in the home or school environment for children from age 3 through adolescence. A uniquely tailored program for each child is developed based on their strengths, learning styles and specific goals. Each treatment session combines a holistic and nurturing approach to help the child build strong foundational skills to succeed in the home and school environments. Multisensory activities are utilized to expand a child’s skills, improve their confidence and increase their independence in all areas of functioning. Communication is established and maintained with families, caregivers and teachers to develop successful strategies and ensure carryover of skills. Home programs and weekly activities are provided to supplement and review techniques used during sessions. One-on-one sessions typically last 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the child’s age. Group sessions are also available for handwriting, visual motor and fine motor skill development.


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Consultative services are provided to families looking to gather more information about OT as well as for families looking for additional support and knowledge related to treatment. During a consultation, there is no direct one-on-one interaction with the child, but rather parent/teacher communication and child observation. Consultations can be conducted in the home or school. Parents and teachers will be provided with specific therapeutic strategies and suggestions that will support the child in the most appropriate manner. Techniques used include but not limited to coaching, modeling, demonstration, home/school programs and sensory diets. This model aims to enhance knowledge, communication, problem solving and discussion of ideas among parents, teachers and related service providers.


Private Assessment & Treatment Sessions