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Melissa’s holistic approach in OT for my son has been a game-changer in his academic career. She is not only engaging him every session building his skills, but she has an active dialogue with his teachers to make sure the work being done in both the classroom and home is executed in tandem for the best outcome. She is wonderful setting realistic goals so that as a parent I understand what they are working towards and when goals are achieved. She makes my son smile and he’s so proud of the work he continues to do with her. He has gained a great amount of confidence with her help overcoming developmental obstacles.

Parent of a 7-year-old boy

Parent of a 6-year-old boy

Melissa is everything one could want in a pediatric occupational therapist: knowledgeable, creative, and caring.  What's more, is that she makes OT fun!  While she's working hard to help my 6-year old reach his full potential, he's simply enjoying himself and the process.  From a parent's perspective, Melissa is a joy with whom to work and achieves terrific results!​

My daughter looks forward every week to her sessions with Melissa. Melissa has a unique way of turning work into a fun, engaging experience. She is caring, patient, understanding and knowledgable. She's given my daughter the confidence she needs to reach her fullest potential. I've seen such improvements in my daughter's handwriting, legibility, endurance and overall fine motor skills. It's incredible to see the connection Melissa has made with my daughter over the past two years. Melissa shares the same joy that I do in seeing my daughter meet her goals. I couldn't ask for more!

Parent of a 5-year-old girl

Melissa has been working with our daughter for over 5 years. We owe so much of our daughter's progress and development to her. We have worked with other OT's during this time as ell, and it is so obvious how Melissa's knowledge and experience surpass others in this field. Most of all, our daughter loves working with Melissa and she looks forward to seeing her every week.  

Parent of a 9-year-old girl